The Unborn

Directed by: David Goyer
Written by: David Goyer

Odette Yustman - Casey Beldon
Gary Oldman - Sendak
Ethan Cutkosky - Barto
Cam Gigandet - Mark
Meagan Good - Romy
Jane Alexander - Sofi Kozma
James Remar - Gordon Belman
Idris Elba - Arthur Wyndham
C.S. Lee - Dr. Lester Caldwell
Rhys Coiro - Mr. Shields
Carla Gugino - Janet Beldon

David Goyer is a mind-boggling filmmaker at times in terms of the wide spectrum of his films; not in style, but in quality. The man behind the stories of such well-received films as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Dark City is also responsible for serious critical and commercial flops, such as Blade Trinity, The Crow: City of Angels and the made-for-TV movie Nick Fury: Agent of Shield starring none other than David Hasselhoff. It often seems as if Goyer has one good movie in him for every four or five bad ones, or perhaps that every time he puts together the story for a great one he must then, by some karmic decree, balance it out by just as much on the other side of the spectrum. With the 2008 Batman sequel pulling in accolade after accolade, including a Writer’s Guild of America nomination for Goyer and his co-writers, one wondered what his next project would be. The answer is The Unborn, a PG-13 horror film starring Odette Yustman and Gary Oldman that he both wrote and got behind the lens to direct, something he hasn’t done since Blade Trinity.