Eleven Minutes

A Zero Point Zero production, in association with Maximum Vacuum. Produced by Michael Selditch, Rob Tate. Executive producers, Lydia Tenaglia, Christopher Collins. Directed by Michael Selditch, Rob Tate.

With: Jay McCarroll, Nancy Kane, Kelly Cutrone, Lee Deekle, Jason Lowe, Lola Brooks, Anthony Cady, Omahrya Mota, Eve Salvail.

A skillfully crafted, highly entertaining docu about process, personality and perception, "Eleven Minutes" revolves around the charismatic Jay McCarroll, the first "Project Runway" winner, in his real-world bid for fashion fame and fortune. McCarroll's media renown has put enormous pressure on him to prove himself more than a boob-tube phenom, particularly in an industry known for its whimsical cruelty. With little money, endless expenditures, no business experience and a lot of talented best buds, McCarroll manages to cobble together a collection for his moment in the spotlight. A working man's "Unzipped," this hugely diverting docu struts strong niche appeal.

Shambling, teddy-bearish McCarroll, like some gay Michael Moore, invites the documentary crew -- and, by extension, the viewer -- to bear witness to his production process and all the contradictions implicit in turning out high fashion on a low budget. McCarroll and his minions scour Canal Street and the Lower East Side for cheap materials, meeting with grommet makers and silkscreen artists to turn his drawings into garments.