I Love You, Man

It's about something real. It can be hard to make guy friends with work and relationships and other commitments. It does have value, so it's worth pursuing. Presenting it as a romantic comedy structure is just the brilliant artistic point of view.

The random moments are brilliant. Their social observations are quite accurate and the nervous awkwardness or background characters chiming in provide sharp comic rhythms. The bits and banter feature references just random enough to be off the mainstream, but still known enough that no one should be alienated. They are delivered perfectly, and really, it's the banter that makes these movies engaging.

It's as R-rated as all the recent Apatow-influenced productions, but the sexual revelations are actually honest. It's not just outrageous. It is outrageous too but it's there because real people think that way.

Even when you can see a gag coming, they play it so straight that vomit is funny again. It's sincere. When they do some of the typical rom-com structure, it has enough irreverence that it still fits their perspective on the genre.

Though the film is about guy love, it has the most nurturing engagement between the lead and his fiancé. She actually wants to support him and improve his life, not just demand things from him.

It's also the first time I've ever seen an attractive wedding dress, and that includes my own ex-wife. Maybe it's just that Rashida Jones looks adorable in anything, but I really hate the way wedding dresses look. That's right, ladies. $1000s to look like a douche on your one special day. Unless I end up with Rashida Jones, that's what I think of it.