Twilight 2

Ok, so this is the second installment of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. In this book, what happens is Bella is celebrating her birthday at edward's house. Edward and his whole family are vampires. Bella was opening her birthday prsent, when she got a paper cut. His whole family almost jumper on her. Ever since than, edward started to feel distant from bella becaus ehe felt that he was responisble for her almost getting hurt.
Soon after he breaks up with her because he feels like it's the best thing to do. He leaves her in the forest heart broken, and she runs to her best from Jacob, who helps heal her heart. She is still in love with edward thought, and she jumps off a cliff in the middle of them book.
Edward finds out what she does, and tries to kill himself because he though that she was dea.
She really wasn't. The ening of the book is just trying to find edward in time before he kills himself. This is a really awsome book, read it, you will love it, i finsihed it in like 2 days.